2.9 million people in #Somalia are in crisis – we can’t fail them again #SomaliaAlert

Hamza Sheikh Elmi

With a third of the population still in need of aid, Somalia is clearly in severe crisis

Recently, statistics coming out of the country show signs of improvements, and this is celebrated as a success. But “better” is not the same as “success” in a context where most aspects of everyday life fall far below acceptable living standards.

We should measure progress against minimum standards, not gains made against an already terrible situation. Neither should we compare degrees of desperation across countries.

Our organisations are working on the ground and know the reality. And it’s not good. Only 50% of Somalia’s humanitarian funding needs were met in the last year. Funding needs to be able to respond to uncertainty and be invested in good time. There is a very real risk that people still in need will not be reached and those already helped will fall back into crisis.

Read the full report here

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5 thoughts on “2.9 million people in #Somalia are in crisis – we can’t fail them again #SomaliaAlert

    1. Hi Hannah, sorry that was a publishing error, the full report will be available from 08:00 GMT Wednesday 7 May. Please check back after then to find it.

  1. Somalia is a very rich country in terms of land and sea, by keeping people on food handouts, you will most definitely fail in the long term.

    1. Thanks for your comment. The agencies don’t want just investment in humanitarian need (although that is part of it). We also believe it’s absolutely necessary to invest in the long term to ensure people are able to cope with repeated droughts without relying on handouts.

  2. Somalia is a best country but only need security, stability,low and order and good strong government.
    the relief organization distributed cash relief the amount money distributed very low, I advised them to distribute at least $ 500 five hundred or more per Beneficiary.

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